Employer Support

The Volunteer Reserve Forces are an integral and vital part of the UK’s Armed Forces.  Anyone who joins the Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve, Army Reserve or Royal Auxiliary Air Force should do so in the expectation that they are likely to be mobilised at some time to serve alongside their Regular counterparts.

Reservists must train to the required standards of professionalism needed to meet this commitment and cannot do so without cooperation from their employers.

Defence Relationship Management (DRM) was set up by the Ministry of Defence to enhance the relationship between employers and reservists.  The campaign helps to improve awareness and develop a better understanding of the benefits and obligations associated with employing members of the Volunteer Reserve Forces.  It is delivered both nationally and regionally, and the Lowland Regional Employer Engagement Directors (REEDs) are employed by Lowland RFCA.

The Association also has a Regional Employer Support Group made up of Association members with local expertise, knowledge and contacts to co-ordinate and so enhance the delivery of employer support in Lowland Scotland.  The Group works closely in support of the three Services’ chains of command, all of which have Volunteer Reserve Force units in the region.

For information on Defence Relationship Management, visit https://www.gov.uk/government/groups/defence-relationship-management

Local Support

The Lowland REED is Colin Vooght who is happy to discuss and advise on the implications of employing a member of the Volunteer Reserve Forces, and to help resolve any issues which may arise. You can contact him at

Colin Vooght -
Telephone: 0141 945 6751
Mobile: 07979 961107

Email:  mailto:lo-empspcv@rfca.mod.uk


The Lowland Regional Employer Support Group hosts events when employers can learn more about what VRF units do, and network with others who have reservists working for them. Please contact the REED for further information.