Volunteer Reserve Forces

Members of the Volunteer Reserve, ordinary men and women from all walks of life, train at weekends and one evening per week.  This usually amounts to an average attendance of one or two weekends a month plus a two-week annual camp, however the commitment varies between the services.   There are many opportunities for members of the Volunteer Reserve to serve alongside the Regular Forces.  Click here for further information on the roles of the Reserve Forces.

There are always opportunities in the Volunteer Reserve for British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens between the ages of 16 and 50 (age requirements vary depending on service) looking for a challenging and rewarding spare time activity.  The Volunteer Reserve will train you, get you fit and you will also get paid for your time, as well as having the opportunity to earn a substantial tax-free annual bounty.  You will also meet lots of new people who, like you, are enjoying doing something refreshingly different from their everyday job.

Giving up your spare time to train with the Volunteer Reserve and achieving the high standards required to serve on operations alongside the Regulars is a big challenge.  If you think you are up for it or if you are interested in finding out more about the Volunteer Reserve you should contact your local unit  for more information.