Army Cadet Force Adult Volunteers Rewarded For Exceptional Service


Two Adult Instructors have received certificates of meritorious service for their outstanding dedication to the Army Cadet Force (ACF).

Staff Sergeant Instructor Carly Moffat and Staff Sergeant Instructor Jacqueline Oram were both honoured with Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate of Meritorious Service for their contribution to Defence and society, through their commitment to their individual units and communities.

Staff Sergeant Instructor Moffat joined the ACF as a Cadet at the Kirkconnal detachment of Minden Company, West Lowland Battalion, before becoming a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) and then commanding that detachment. She was also awarded the Cadet Force Medal – an honour bestowed for 12 years meritorious service as a CFAV.

Staff Sergeant Instructor Oram was honoured for her 13 years of service and being a strong and supportive member of Dumfries detachment, Minden Company, and the West Lowland Battalion.

Lord-Lieutenant of Dumfries, Fiona Armstrong, presented the certificates after the Lowland RFCA Association meeting in Dumfries on 18 November 2021.

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