Army Reservists Complete Tactical Communications Exercise

A Reservist from 32 Signal Regiment on exercise at Barry Buddon

Last weekend Reservists from 32 Signal Regiment took part in an intensive Tactical Comms Exercise, bringing soldiers from across Dundee, East Kilbride and Edinburgh together at Barry Buddon Training Camp.

The aim of the exercise was to test the Reservists’ military skills and communications expertise in preparation for bigger exercises taking place across Europe later in the year.

Reservist defending a Comms site as part of the 32 Signal Regiment Tactical Exercise

Based upon the scenario of defending a military Comms site, the Reservists had to work together, applying effective tactical and communication skills to protect the site from a ‘live enemy’ in the field and react to changing enemy behaviours.

Second Lieutenant Gregor Donaldson said of the exercise: ‘This is where we take everything that we’ve learned in the year and put it all together. The exercise has been very fast-paced and it’s pushing the soldiers to new limits.

Reservists hard at work with admin during the Tactical Comms Exercise

‘Everyone’s been working really hard and it’s very impressive to see the levels of progress that have been made in the last year.’

Corporal Lee Watts, an East Kilbride-based Reservist and a joiner in his civilian life, spoke highly of his experience acting as a second-in-command during the exercise. ‘Over the weekend I’ve been responsible for maintaining discipline, making sure everyone has the correct equipment and carries out their tasks as requested.

‘I love doing this kind of exercise as I get to work with some great people and do things that are a bit outside the norm.’

A Reservist from 32 Signal Regiment in the field as part of the Tactical Comms Exercise

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