Cadet Certificates

Lord Lieutenant with his Cadets


The Lord-Lieutenant annually appoints a Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet from one or more of the three Service Cadet organisations. 

The Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadets are the smartest and most alert ambassadors of the Services’ Cadet movement. The appointment of these Cadets and their use is an opportunity for the Lord-Lieutenant to promote all that is good in youth and in the Cadets in particular. 

The Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet can also escort the Lord-Lieutenant whilst attending: parades (Armed Forces Day/Remembrance Day), events, opening ceremonies, presentations and awards. As escorts they can carry any item on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant, such as wreaths or gifts. The event need not be a military one.

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The Business and Education Community

A Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet may be asked to make a presentation of his/her achievements and the value of being a Cadet.  This is of particular value when the Lord-Lieutenant is engaged in any events associated with business or education.  The presence of the Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet during a visit to a local business, school or college of further education is an excellent advertisement for the uniformed youth groups in general and the cadet movement in particular.

It is particularly important to advertise the benefits of the Cadet experience to the business community, and especially to those who are engaged in employing and developing young people within their workforce. Young people who join the Cadet organisations develop a wide range of soft skills that employers would find highly attractive such as: leadership, team-working, planning skills, respect, reliability, and loyalty.

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Before you begin the online nomination process below please take the time to read the following information. The deadline to submit the form is 21.06.23 at 23.59

The nomination form does not allow the opportunity to return to complete the form at a later date and therefore must be completed in one sitting. With that in mind, please have the following information ready to copy and paste into each section of the form:

  • Lieutenancy
  • Unit Detachment
  • Cadet’s Full Name, Rank and YoB
  • Length of Cadet’s Service and Departure Date
  • Cadet’s Home Address
  • School/College
  • Commanding Officer’s Citation

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