Cadet Force Adult Volunteers

The success of the Cadet Forces is highly dependent on its ability to attract and retain sufficient numbers of suitable cadet adult volunteers with the enthusiasm to motivate, train and provide leadership to the cadets.

Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) do not necessarily have any military background and come from all walks of life.

Throughout Scotland more than 2,500 adult volunteers support the work of the Cadet organisations.

Becoming an adult volunteer is a great opportunity to be part of a prestigious and popular youth organisation, which takes great pride in offering youngsters opportunities that may otherwise not be available to them.  All adult volunteers will be rewarded with training, personal development, an enhanced CV and immense satisfaction from being part of the Cadet movement.

Enthusiasm and aptitude are the hallmarks of our adult instructors, who are all committed to offering cadets whole-hearted support and encouragement.

Volunteers benefit from many experiences of their own and have the opportunity to play a leading role in various activities, and occasionally, foreign travel.

Sea Cadets out on the water at their 2022 Annual Camp at Boddam

Get Qualified

Cadet Force Adult Volunteers all have the opportunity to acquire First Aid qualifications, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme passes and diplomas and graduate level qualifications in public service through the BTEC scheme.

In addition, and because the only people who can assess cadets properly are the adults who work with them, we have recently gained approval from SQA to offer qualifications which recognise the valuable work our CFAVs do in developing young people and enhancing their future prospects.

Why Hire a CFAV?


Through their Cadet experience, CFAVs gain and enhance a variety of transferable skills, which would serve any job well. Such skills include:

  • management and leadership
  • problem-solving
  • inter-personal
  • team-working
  • training and motivational
  • self-management

Lord-Lieutenant Certificate Recipients Before the Ceremony


If you hire a CFAV you can be confident that their Cadet organisation will continue to put them through a variety of qualification courses, to ensure their continued development.

Committed to Inspire

When recruiting, it can be hard to get a sense of a candidate’s ethos or attitude. However, if you recruit a CFAV you can be confident that your new employee is committed to helping others, to going above and beyond, and to inspiring the next generation. All highly desirable characteristics which can only strengthen a workforce.

To find out more about hiring a CFAV email [email protected]

Cadets in a raft

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