Dunbar Sea Cadets Welcome New Commanding Officer

Dunbar Sea Cadets posing for a selfie with their Commanding Officer

Since taking command of Dunbar Sea Cadets, also known as TS (Training Ship) VALIANT in 2018, Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Martin Galloway has been praised by Cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) alike for his unwavering dedication and service to the unit. 

After four and a half years at the helm which included having to navigate his team and the young people in his charge through the difficulties of COVID-19 restrictions, Chief Petty Officer Galloway has now hung up his cap as Commanding Officer.

Having started out as a Sea Cadet at TS VALIANT himself, CPO Galloway’s Cadet career has spanned almost two decades. He spent many years working with a number of units from Ashington to Newcastle and Leith before returning to Dunbar to take command of the unit that started it all for him.

‘I have really enjoyed being in command of TS VALIANT,’ said CPO Galloway, ‘it is special to me as it is where I grew up as a Sea Cadet. 

Chief Petty Officer Galloway handing over to Petty Officer Colin Docherty as new Commanding Officer of Dunbar Sea Cadets

‘The past four years have seen Cadet numbers nearly double and we have a healthy waiting list. This is absolutely a reflection of the team around me – all volunteers who give their time throughout the year to offer a brilliant Cadet experience.’

CPO Galloway was succeeded by Dunbar Sea Cadets’ Executive Officer, Petty Officer (PO) Colin Docherty, on 1 January 2023. Speaking about the new Officer in Charge for the unit, CPO Galloway said: ‘I am sure he will take TS VALIANT from strength to strength and wish him the very best in his new role.’

‘Martin has been a key driver in the survival of TS VALIANT during and after COVD-19, not only in retaining and gaining Cadets over such a difficult period, but also enthusiastically recruiting new volunteers,’ said PO Docherty of his predecessor. ‘I joined Dunbar Sea Cadets in mid-2020 when there were still heavy restrictions in place, but Martin was able to support me with my training and did everything he could to make sure that the Sea Cadets were the first youth organisation to return in East Lothian.

‘I hope that my enthusiasm and pragmatism will empower our team to see TS VALIANT move successfully through its next phase, and I’m looking forward to seeing Martin’s future impact both at district level and in his new role as a Staff Training Advisor.’ 

Chief Petty Officer Galloway receiving a farewell gift from the Sea Cadets

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