Fieldcraft Camp with West Scotland Wing Air Cadets

Air Cadets in fieldcraft wood

In August 2022, West Scotland Wing Fieldcraft Training Team hosted a week-long Fieldcraft camp for twenty Cadets at Lowland’s Dechmont Training Ranges. 

As well as having plenty of opportunities to develop their weapon handling skills and to take part in battle simulation exercises, the Cadets were shown how to look after themselves in the field. Sleeping in bashas (military tents) in the Dechmont wood, the Cadets were kept busy with protecting and maintaining their camp, on guard for intruders and ready to act. 

We caught up with some members of the camp to find out more about their experience.

Cadet with gun in pasha

Cadet Causer – 2414 East Kilbride Squadron

What has been the highlight of the week?

For me the highlight of the week has been firing blanks from the rifles. It has been my first time doing it and I just love the noise, the smell and the feel of it. It feels so different to being on a firing range.

How does the camp compare to other Air Cadet camps you have been on?

Personally, I find it much more fun and I enjoy how practical it is. Getting to sleep in a field does not sound exciting, but it really us. 

Have you met new people on the camp?

Yes there has been a real mix of people, some new faces and some familiar! My unit, 2414 East Kilbride, is actually a Fieldcraft unit, so there are quite a few of us on the camp.

Cadet with camo in wood

Flight Sergeant Kieran Brunton – 2414 East Kilbride Squadron

What has been the highlight of the week?

I have really enjoyed taking control of a section and doing advances on targets. You are not allowed to actually attack, but the advance bit is really enjoyable.

What surprised you most about this week?

I have been surprised about how physically challenging the week has been. We have a lot to carry, including our rifle and day sacks – which amounts to a lot of exercise!

In general, what do you get from your Air Cadet experience?

The opportunities to fly and go gliding are pretty extraordinary. You also just can’t replicate camps like this.

Emily Moore posing in front of pasha

Civilian Instructor Emily Moore – 2414 East Kilbride Squadron

What is your role on the camp?

This is my first year as a Civilian Instructor, but I have been part of the Fieldcraft team since I was a Cadet. It has been great fun to learn what goes into these camps and what is needed from the adults. The logistics and hard work that go into making sure the Cadets get the best experiences and opportunities are fantastic. 

What has been the highlight of the week?

My highlight has been the battle lessons. I have enjoyed encouraging the Cadets to work together and seeing the leadership develop from the section commanders. The Cadets have to gauge what the enemy is doing, choose their time to withdraw, and then send fire teams elsewhere. I really enjoy seeing them grow.

Air Cadets laughing in field

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