Freshers’ Week 2021 – University Air Squadron (UAS)


University Air Squadron (UAS)

Through the UAS, students can gain a valuable insight into what a career within the Royal Air Force (RAF) could entail. Whilst some may go on to pursue a career in the RAF, many also go on to other careers having had an exciting and unique experience in the UAS. The UAS not only offers paid opportunities to undertake a rigorous flying programme, it also offers sporting opportunities and adventure training. 

Rock climber

Why did you join the UAS? 

‘I had never heard of the University Air Squadron before, it was just by chance their stand caught my eye at the Freshers’ Fair. The girl at the stand said you get paid to do cool stuff such as flying, adventurous training, sports, and so much more. I was sold before she even mentioned getting paid. I became even more determined to join when I heard about all the opportunities on offer: flying lessons, expeditions, bursary options and training, to name but a few.’ 

What do you enjoy most about being part of the UAS?

‘Adventurous training has been a definite highlight for me and it has pushed me very far out my comfort zone. The first course I did was a ten-day rock climbing foundation course – I was a bag of nerves. Since then I have managed to jump out a plane four times, abseiled the Forth Road Bridge and can climb with confidence. I was also given the opportunity to be a service steward at Wimbledon, which is by far the best job I have ever had.’

What would you say to someone interested in joining the UAS?

‘Do it! I have had so many amazing opportunities and it has really made my time at university so much more exciting. There are so many self-development opportunities and you will leave the squadron with a whole new set of skills. It’s also a club full of very like-minded people and everyone is so friendly, I can’t recommend enough.’

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