Gold ERS Winner 2021 ScottishPower

A member of the crew is seen here taking part in a major machinery space fire exercise onboard HMS Northumberland.

In 2021, ScottishPower was awarded an Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in recognition of their support towards the Armed Forces community.

ScottishPower is an electricity and gas supplier committed to helping clients run greener homes and businesses by generating exclusively renewable energy. 

As a vocal and public advocate for Defence, the organisation has spent many years setting the standard for being a forces-friendly employer. 

With regular involvement in Armed Forces Day campaigns and online remembrance events, this year ScottishPower went several steps further. 

Not only has the organisation increased paid training leave for Reservists from five days to ten, but they have also sponsored a Cadet Adult Recognition Award (CARA). 

With 11 Reservists and one Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV), ScottishPower has sought to build a strong relationship with 153 Field Company 102 Battalion REME (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers), British Army, united in their passion for and expertise in engineering. 

Troops from 21 Engineer Regiment replaced an important bridge to assist the local population.

Photograph: Defence Imagery

Keith Anderson, ScottishPower Chief Executive, said: 

‘ScottishPower is proud to be awarded Gold Status within the ERS in recognition of our support to the Defence and the Armed Forces community.

‘The commitment and skills of serving personnel and Reservists is crucial to our business as we continue our journey to Net Zero. Alongside a high level of technical knowledge, our business benefits from their ability to effectively collaborate, problem solve and work as part of a team. These skills are invaluable as we navigate through the energy transition, delivering a better future, quicker, for everyone.

‘As a company, we’re desperate for engineers, we’re desperate for really well-qualified people. What we constantly find is that people that have worked in the Armed Forces have got some of the best qualifications possible, some of the best experience possible in terms of managing projects, dealing with adversity… so it’s a great fit for us.

‘All of the people in our company who’ve got an association with Defence or the Armed Forces make a huge contribution to the organisation. Their leadership skills, their team-building skills, problem-solving skills as well as for some of them technical engineering skills, it’s a brilliant fit for us as a company and all the challenges we face going forward.’

Robert Brown, Reservist and Senior Electrical Engineer with ScottishPower Renewables

Photograph: ScottishPower Renewables Employee and Reservist, Robert Brown

Frank Mitchell, CEO SP Energy Networks:

‘One thing we have done is make sure that we support our Reservists as much as we can to allow them to do their duties for the country and help them undertake their role as Reservists…’

Robert Brown, Reservist and Senior Electrical Engineer with ScottishPower Renewables:

‘Believe it or not, the different branches of the Armed Forces have their own sets of core values which aren’t too dissimilar to the core values in ScottishPower. Essentially we’re working together for the benefit of others, recognising our own personal and collective responsibility and that’s something I’m really proud to be able to do in both of those roles.’

Featured Image: Defence Imagery

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