Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificates Of Meritorious Service – 2021


Lord-Lieutenant Certificates are an important means of recognising valuable Reserve and Cadet Force service.  They give public recognition, they are much appreciated and valued by the individual, and their presentation in a civic forum gives due profile to the unit and its contribution to Defence and society. 

The annual Lord-Lieutenants’ Awards for Reservists, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs), Cadets and employees of the Reserve Forces and Cadet Organisations of the Armed Forces are recognised as laudatory honours throughout the Ministry of Defence. 

Lowland Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (RFCA) requests all nominations for these awards, to be submitted by the electronic form at the bottom of this page, by 30 June 2021. 

The window for 2021 nominations has now closed. 

Please note that this is a civic recognition.  As such it is not in competition with any nominations for military awards, commendations or certificates.  Recipients are being recognised as “twice the citizen”, so please do not hold back worthy candidates who meet the qualifying criteria.

Before you submit a nomination electronically, please read the Guidance Notes and Eligibility Criteria. Your particular attention is drawn to paragraph 6 of the conditions.

Please note it is only Commandants and Commanding Officers that may submit nominations to Lowland RFCA, usually through the Cadet Executive Officers and Adjutants respectively. Individual Reservists, CFAVs, Cadets or Civil Servants  may not apply.

It is essential that all recommendations are received by the closing date to prevent excessive delay in processing the certificates to the relevant Lord-Lieutenant. 

A nil return is required to be sent to [email protected] if you have no recommendations. 

We ask you to ensure that all who qualify by time, and provide valuable Reserve / Cadet Force service, are considered for the award.  If you have any queries on eligibility, please contact [email protected].


Before you begin the online nomination process below please take the time to read the following information.

The nomination form does not allow the opportunity to return to complete the form at a later date and therefore must be completed in one sitting. With that in mind, please have the following information ready to copy and paste into each section of the form: 

  • Candidate’s full name and rank
  • Your own and also the candidate’s email address
  • The full name of the unit, sub-unit or detachment you command
  • The lieutenancy your unit is based – please see map below
  • The candidate’s service number if applicable
  • The date of which the candidate enlisted as a volunteer with the Reserve Forces or the Cadet organisation












There is no word limit for the following questions but you must enter the answers separately.  

  • Please outline the candidate’s service and employment since he or she joined. This should include full details of current role, operational duty (UK and overseas), qualifications (military, adventurous training etc), countries where the candidate has served/trained and any awards or medals held.
  • Please outline why the candidate is deserving of the award. 

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