Lowland RFCA Honoured With Business And Community Engagement Award

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If there is one thing Lowland RFCA knows a thing or two about, it’s giving out awards, especially to those who go above and beyond in their support of the Armed Forces community.

It was therefore a wonderful privilege for the Association to receive the Business and Community Engagement Award courtesy of Scottish Engineering on 2 September 2021.

Each year the Scottish Engineering Awards acknowledge individual and business recipients for their outstanding demonstrations of performance, innovation and resilience. As a Gold Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Award winner, Scottish Engineering greatly supports the Reserve Forces and values their diverse skill-sets, and has maintained a strong working relationship with Lowland RFCA over many years. 

Scottish Engineering’s former President John Campbell said: ‘Scottish Engineering’s award to Lowland RFCA for “Business and Community Engagement” reflects the member organisation’s role in supporting our Reserve Forces, and promoting the high calibre of Reservists and the valuable skills they bring both to the Armed Forces and to Employers in the engineering sector. It also recognises the critical support that our Reserve Forces have recently offered to local communities in the PPE distribution and vaccination programmes, alongside their Regular counterparts. 

‘Lowland RFCA projects all that is best about our Armed Forces, as a model for inclusion, youth development, skills attainment, and above all for defending our nation when called upon to do so.’

To be recognised as a model for inclusion, youth development and skills attainment among many worthy nominees is a great honour, and the award ceremony itself was a welcome opportunity to meet friends old and new in person again.

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