Sea Cadets Annual Camp 2022 – Boddam

Sea Cadets rowing on sea

This summer Sea Cadets from the Lowlands travelled to Boddam Camp, near Peterhead, for their annual summer camp. 

Camp activities included sailing, powerboating, rowing, shooting, cycling, navigating, STEM, and hill-walking. 

This was the first Sea Cadet Northern Area camp to be held since before the pandemic, meaning for many Cadets it was their first time away from home.

Sea Cadets hold boy on chair and smile

Undeterred, the Sea Cadets quickly mingled, enjoying the opportunity to meet Cadets from different units and regions. 

Able Cadet Douglas, from Irvine Sea Cadets, said meeting new people was his camp highlight, as well as ‘hill-walking and air-rifle shooting’. 

Besides having a lot of fun and taking part in unforgettable adventures, many of the Sea Cadets took the opportunity to gain new qualifications. 

Marine Cadet McKinnon from Irvine made the most of the camp to gain a new boating qualification. McKinnon said: ‘I’ve been working on my Powerboating Level 2 qualification. I really enjoy driving the boat and navigating.’ 

Sea Cadet Powerboating

Working away in the background was a plethora of dedicated and inspirational Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs). 

Sergeant Craig Hamilton, a CFAV on the camp, spoke about how the Cadets benefitted from their time at Boddam: ‘Camp is great because it gives the Cadets more opportunities than they would normally get within their districts or in their units. We’ve got a raft of adults with an array of qualifications which means we can offer the Cadets more activities. 

‘It has been really satisfying to watch the Cadets improve throughout the camp. I’ve always believed that helping them develop is what it’s all about, we’re here for them at the end of the day.’

Three Sea Cadets Sail a boat

Lowland RFCA were pleased to be able to visit the camp, getting a first-hand glimpse of the Cadets and CFAVs making the most of their time there. 

Lowland’s Head of Communications, Kate Johnston, said: ‘I particularly enjoyed seeing the Cadets on the water. One Cadet was asked to give a presentation on skulling to the junior Cadets. Whilst the younger Cadets learnt a new skill, the presenting Cadet had the opportunity to hone his public speaking skills. It was really impressive and perfectly demonstrated the fun that can be had alongside fitness and personal development.’


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