What are the CARAs?

The CARAs (Cadet Adult Recognition Awards) are Cadet nominated awards which recognise and thank Cadet Force Adult Volunteers within the Cadet Services in the Lowlands of Scotland.

There are ten sponsored CARAs, two per Army Cadet Battalion (winner & runner-up), two for the Sea Cadets (E&W) and two for the Air Cadets (E&W).  Cadets will be able to nominate their chosen CFAV through an online application on the RFCA website.

Read more about The CARAs 2022 and watch the official ceremony.

Year in, year out, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) selflessly dedicate their time and energy to ensure Cadets get the most from their Cadet Experience. It is our hope that The CARAs will give Cadets across the Lowlands an opportunity to say thank you to the volunteers who mean so much to them. 

Cadets will be able to independently nominate the CFAV of their choice for a CARA by using the online nomination form on the Lowland RFCA website. The nomination form will offer Cadets the option of a written or video submission. All nominations will then be reviewed by Lowland RFCA, whereupon a winner will be picked for each category. 

Each of the ten CARAs has been sponsored by a local business. The award will consist of a £50 gift voucher and a certificate. The award ceremony itself will take place on social media, allowing everyone to be involved!

Who can I nominate?

CARAs are for Cadet Force Adult Volunteers. In other words, adult volunteers who make your Cadet experience possible. Each Cadet has a nomination!

What should I think about when nominating?

  1. How has this CFAV particularly helped you?
  2. How has this CFAV gone above and beyond to make your Cadet experience better?
  3. Can you think of any examples to support your nomination?

Publicising the CARAs?

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CARAs 2023

The CARAs will be hosted digitally on the 15th of September 2023. Keep your eyes peeled for details on when nominations open. 

Sponsors 2023

We have a fantastic group of Lowland organisations sponsoring the CARAs this year. 

graphic that shows sponsors for CARAs 2023

Sea Cadets West: Croma Vigilant

Sea Cadets East: XPO Logistics

Air Cadets West: Lochlie Construction

Air Cadets East: Skyrora

Glasgow and Lanarkshire Winner: NG Homes

Glasgow and Lanarkshire Runner-Up: Aggreko

West Lowland Winner: Currie European Transport

West Lowland Runner-Up: Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce

Lothian and Borders Winner: Skyrora

Lothian and Borders Runner-Up: Currie European Transport

Nomination Instructions

Nominations for 2023 will open on the 30th of June. 

  1. Get parental/guardian permission to nominate and to submit your/family email address.
  2. Decide whether you want to make a written or a video submission.
  3. Have a really good think about why your CFAV is so worthy, what makes them stand out from the crowd!
  4. Written Submission: Written submissions must be no longer than 200 words. We would recommend writing your nomination in Pages or Word and then copying and pasting into the form below – that way you can check the word count in advance.
  5. Video Submission: If you are wanting to make a video submission there are a few things to think about.
    1. If you want to submit a video you will need to use Dropbox.
    2. Upload your video to your Dropbox.
    3. Copy the share link for the video.
    4. Paste the share link in the answer box below.
    5. To read more about Dropbox sharing click here.

Make your submission at the top of the page using the digital form. 

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