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Dear Diary: From Recruit To Army Reserve Soldier 

Army Reserve recruits have been put through their paces during phase one training that will equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become a soldier. In what is dubbed ‘Battle Camp’ […]

Lcpl Ewing BATUK
Ayrshire Reservist in Kenyan Adventure

It’s not your usual Army adventure. When you join as a Reservist, you sign up to a specific trade and develop into that specific skill set. Join the REME and you learn […]

Team participating in Exercise Deep Heat
Exercise Deep Heat

After a year’s hiatus imposed by COVID-19 restrictions, preparations are now underway for Exercise Deep Heat 2021.Based upon the Sandhurst leadership model, Exercise Deep Heat gives participants a unique opportunity to develop […]

CPO Betts
Naval Reservist Life On And Under The Sea

When a young Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Chris Betts watched divers jumping off the back of HMS Brazen, he knew what he wanted to do in the Royal Navy (RN).Thirty-five years after […]

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