Sea Cadets


Go on, get out on the water with the Sea Cadets. You’ll experience the most exhilarating and unique challenges. Whether it’s hoisting the sail of a yacht, navigating waves in a powered craft, or racing down a river in a kayak – nothing compares to the feeling of being out on the water, right there in the elements. Whatever you choose, there is a world of exciting challenges waiting for you. You can try dinghy sailing, kayaking, power boating, canoeing, rowing and windsurfing – most of their courses are accredited by the leading UK bodies like RYA, British Canoe Union, or the British Sub Aqua Club, meaning you’ll have fun at the same time as picking up qualifications. Part of the Sea Cadets family, there are 127 Royal Marines Cadets Detachments across the UK. Royal Marines Cadets enjoy all the exciting on-water activities that Sea Cadets do, as well as branching off into serious adventure training. Royal Marines Cadets specialise in orienteering, fieldcraft and weapons-handling and you can join from the age of 13 to 18.

“Before I joined the Royal Marines Cadets, I was a quiet and not very confident person. But over the years, I went up through the ranks, and became the first female in Scotland to be a Cadet Sergeant and the first female Section Commander in the Gibraltar Cup.”

Amy, Royal Marines Cadet Sergeant

Sea Cadets rowing in Scotland


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