Lowland RFCA

Lowland Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (Lowland RFCA) promotes the Armed Forces Reserves and Cadet Organisations in the Lowlands of Scotland. We maintain the Reserve and Cadet estate and provide recruitment support to individual units and engage with local communities to increase their understanding of Reserves and Cadets and advocate the opportunities and benefits of volunteer service to individuals and employers.

We facilitate engagement between the Armed Forces Reserves and employers who want to find out how they can support our Reserve Forces or who have reservists amongst their workforce. We encourage employers to sign up to the Armed Forces Covenant and champion employers with the strongest commitment to the Reserve Forces through the Employer Recognition Scheme.

We are part of a UK-wide network of 13 RFCAs, and are supported at a national level through the Council of RFCAs.

We have a membership of over 150 experienced individuals with a professional or personal interest in Defence. These include the Commanding Officers of Reserve and Cadet units in the region, as well as serving or retired Reserve and Regular personnel and representatives from local government, employers, employees and education.

Our membership advocates on behalf of Reservists, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and cadets in the region, ensuring that they continue to thrive with the support of the local communities they serve.



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