Royal Marines Reserve

Royal Marine Reserves in snow

Photograph: Crown Copyright

When you’re looking for a challenge that pushes you to your limits, you couldn’t do better than completing the world’s toughest military training – and earning that coveted green beret.  

As a Royal Marines Reservist you’ll be an elite member of about 600 people who combine their civilian jobs with serving as part-time, fully trained Commandos.

Just like regular Royal Marines Commandos, you’ll learn to deploy your skills in any location, environment and terrain.   Once you have some experience you’ll have the chance to specialise in assault engineering, anti-tank warfare, signals and other skills turning you into one of the most elite sources of extra military strength in the world.

RMR Scotland draws recruits from across Scotland and specialises in Assault Engineering and has an amphibious raiding craft section. The Lowlands of Scotland are home to two detachments of the Royal Marines Reserve:

RMR Glasgow RMR Edinburgh

Find out more about the Royal Marines Reserve and how to get involved.

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