Exercise Deep Heat

Team participating in Exercise Deep Heat

After a year’s hiatus imposed by COVID-19 restrictions, preparations are now underway for Exercise Deep Heat 2021.

Based upon the Sandhurst leadership model, Exercise Deep Heat gives participants a unique opportunity to develop their team management and problem solving skills within a pressurised but safe military environment. The all-day session, which focuses on unarmed Humanitarian Operations, puts the participants’ teamwork and leadership skills to the test on individual and group levels, identifying key learning opportunities and improving their sense of self-awareness along the way.

In recent years, Lowland RFCA has invited employers from a variety of sectors to enter teams into Exercise Deep Heat. Those who take part are put through their paces to resolve a series of complex challenges with support and mentorship provided by experienced Armed Forces personnel, many of whom are Reservists.

Team participating at Exercise Deep Heat

‘I quite liked everything that Deep Heat stood for and I thought it linked nicely into our business and the way we liked to run it,’ said Dominic Taddei, Managing Director of the Mortgage Advice Bureau. The business currently holds a Silver Employer Recognition Scheme Award, and both Dominic and his wife Claire, who is the company’s HR and Finance Director, have been keen Exercise Deep Heat participants in previous years. 

‘It was well structured, it was very insightful and it was highly enjoyable. In terms of the exercises that we did, I was up on the first one and it involved getting jerry cans of fuel from one camp to another over a river. You were in and out of Land Rovers a lot, and I loved it. I tried to be quiet on some of the other exercises, but at one point the person who was running it said to me, “You need to stay out of this, you need to hear what other people are saying”.

‘There was another one that Claire did which was to do with putting up a tent, and there were loads of rogue tent poles that weren’t meant to be there, so it was a case of working them all out. It taught you that you needed to have good leaders, good followers and you needed to have somebody that was willing to take charge and to listen. It was also very time sensitive so you couldn’t procrastinate too long!’

Having taken part personally, and having entered a team of managers from the Mortgage Advice Bureau for another session, Dominic was highly impressed by the levels of organisation and attention to detail involved in preparing and carrying out the challenges in Exercise Deep Heat. Dominic said: ‘There were a lot of similarities to how you would run a meeting or a business, but there was a lot of stuff that the organisers did that I then adopted into the way we run our business. So I would say that was probably one of the biggest takeaways – that and people just having a bit of a laugh, pulling together and getting things done.’

Team of people at Exercise Deep Heat

Exercise Deep Heat most often takes place in Edinburgh, with the City of Edinburgh Universities Officers’ Training Corps (CEUOTC) serving as host. This year however, the baton has passed to Glasgow UOTC, who will be running the event from the 13-17 September 2021 at the Army Reserve Centre in Carmyle, Lanarkshire, home to 154 (Scottish) Regiment Royal Logistic Corps. Participants will spend a full day on-site, with complimentary lunch, drinks and evening meal provided. The mess team is happy to accommodate any dietary requirements. As the exercise itself focuses more on strategic than physical challenges, it is accessible for attendees with disabilities.

With outdoor and group activities having been on hold for over a year, the return of Exercise Deep Heat will undoubtedly be a welcome opportunity to engage in a range of exciting engaging challenges with friends and colleagues. Not only that, but it will offer a chance to enjoy a taste of the great outdoors after more than a year of home working and travel restrictions. To find out more or to express an interest in taking part, please contact the Employer Engagement team by emailing [email protected] or by clicking here.

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