Lowland Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (Lowland RFCA)  is one of 13  autonomous Tri-Service  bodies, established as Crown Agencies by Act of Parliament to support the Reserve Forces and Cadets in the Lowlands  of Scotland.  The RFCAs are not part of the military chain of command but they are required to give advice and assistance to the Defence Council and the three Services on Volunteer Reserve and Cadet matters.   Lowland RFCA covers the area from the Forth-Clyde Valley including Glasgow and Edinburgh south to the English border.  The remainder of Scotland is covered by Highland RFCA. The Association has responsibilities in the areas of

employer support, recruiting support, cadets and youth and management of the estate of 130 Reserve and Cadet properties.  The Association also has  a responsibility to promote the Armed Forces within society in the Lowlands of Scotland through engagement with the Scottish Government, local authorities, employers, youth organisations, chambers of commerce, the media and other influential groups. The aim of this engagement is to promote a wider understanding of the roles and needs of the Armed Forces in general and of the Volunteer Reserve and Cadet Forces in the Lowlands of Scotland in particular. 

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