Dunbar Sea Cadet Gains Prestigious Role

Ashley receives certificate from first sea lord

Congratulations are in order to Petty Officer Cadet Ashley Arthur who was awarded the role of First Sea Lord Cadet for the Northern Area at the beginning of the year.

Every year a Cadet from each region is selected to represent the Sea Cadet Corps at a national level. The honoured role is reserved for Cadets who have shone during their time at Cadets and gives the young person an insight into life as a Royal Naval Officer. 

investiture of sea lord cadets

Photo Credits 1 & 2: Sea Cadets UK

The small cohort of 1SLCs are invited to attend prestigious events and are encouraged to shape the future of Sea Cadets by having their voices heard and raising issues brought to them by their peers.

We were thrilled to hear this news as Ashley has been involved with various Lowland RFCA projects over the years, being a superb ambassador for the Sea Cadets and doing her bit to promote life as a Cadet. Ashley’s calm and confident manner has clearly served her well and we wish her all the best as she takes on this coveted position.

Ashley with another sea cadet in Dunbar smiling

Ashley back in 2021 as she assisted with the CARAs campaign – looking a little younger!

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