Exercise MUDMASTER 29 – 30 October 2022

Queue of landrovers

Exercise MUDMASTER is a safe and skilled off-road driving competition that takes place in Scotland. Run by 154 (Scottish) Regiment Royal Logistics Corps and the British Army Motorsports Association (BAMA), the event sees an assortment of military and civilian vehicles traveling from Edinburgh to Glasgow on a mix of private and public roads. 

The event gives military personnel from across the Forces the opportunity to practice essential driving skills in a variety of terrains. Not just for military personnel, Ex MUDMASTER is also open to civilians. Lowland RFCA Association members and members of our employer network (AFC/ERS Holders) are invited to take part in the competition. The key requirement to take part is the use of a 4×4. 

landrover drives in mud

Gold Employer Recognition Scheme Award Holder, Stephen Sked (Sked Construction), took part in the competition last year. When asked about taking part, Stephen said: ‘I have had a fantastic day. It’s one of the best events I have ever done in a Land Rover. Every company should come and try MUDMASTER… it really is fantastic!’ 

When: 29 – 30 October 2022

What: Multi-venue, multi-phase, safe/skilled, cross-country driving and navigation event.

Location: The Ex will start from Redford Barracks (EH13 6NQ) and will finish at 221 Transport Squadron (G32 6NQ). 

Contact: [email protected]


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