Leading Rail Contractor and Local Employers Visit Cadet Camp

3 Cadets smile at the camera

During their second week of camp West Lowland Battalion Army Cadet Force were joined by a handful of special guests, including a number of local employers. The visitors were given the opportunity to engage with Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and Cadets, allowing them to see the valuable attributes and transferable skills on display within the Cadet Force. 

QTS Group, who have recently achieved the Silver Employer Recognition Scheme Award, were among the employers visiting the camp. Jane McFadzean, Workforce Development Coordinator and Armed Forces Champion, recounted her experience:

‘Lorna (Training Director) and I decided to go along and find out what actually happens in our local Cadet groups and to see what sort of young people they’re attracting. We’re keen to promote our business to future trainees and apprentices and we feel that Cadets have many of the relevant skills and attributes required to work in the rail industry.

‘We met many different and interesting young people who joined the Cadets for various reasons but the one thing they had in common was their confidence. They have been on trips, learned new things, and pushed themselves to try things that might not have been available to them if they hadn’t joined. 

Cadets have fun in waterspouts gear

‘It was striking how many different activities they got to try and how much fun they had during their Annual Camp. The Cadets also get to take part in many training courses, including their leadership and management certificates. We noticed that this excellent training continues if the Cadets go on to become Cadet Force Adult Volunteers.’

When considering what was next for these Cadets as they enter adulthood, Jane said: ‘We also learned that not all Cadets go on to have careers in the Forces; rather they’re keen and highly employable young people entering the job market.

Cadets paintball

‘Seeing these young people progress, build confidence and try new things shows us as potential employers that they’re keen and ready to learn. We’re a business where the majority of our work is done outside and in various weather conditions. We got to see the Cadets complete tasks in similar circumstances so we would be keen to promote these opportunities to young people.’

Also attending from QTS was Lorna Gibson, the Training Director of QTS. Lorna echoed Jane’s sentiments, reflecting: ‘Having the opportunity to meet with the Cadets has strengthened our belief that these are young people who would be ideally suited to the rail industry. 

‘The excellent training, qualifications and personal development they have received as part of the Cadet Force equips them so well for their future careers. They were a pleasure to meet and speak to, and Lowland RFCA should be very proud of the achievements of these young people.’

Visitors pose with Cadets

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Photographs: West Lowland Battalion and QTS Group

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