The annual Lord-Lieutenants’ Certificates of Meritorious Service for Reservists, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs), Cadets and employees of the Reserve Forces and Cadet Organisations are recognised as laudatory honours throughout the Ministry of Defence. 

Lord-Lieutenants’ Certificates are an important means of recognising valuable service. As well as public recognition, the certificates are much appreciated and valued by the individual.

Lord-Lieutenants present recipients with their Certificates at various award ceremonies throughout the Lowlands. 

Lowland RFCA is delighted to reveal this year’s recipients.

Ayrshire & Arran

Staff Sergeant James Hunter (Reservist)

Padre Fiona Wilson (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Captain Jamie McVeigh (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Sergeant Major Instructor James Murphy (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

East Lothian

Warrant Officer 2 Chris Gay (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

City of Edinburgh

Lieutenant Iain MacIver (Reservist)

Flight Sergeant Barry Andrew Kinkade (Reservist)

Sergeant Hugh Hutton (Reservist)

Corporal Alexander McGinnies (Reservist)

Corporal Alexander Wallace Mills (Reservist)

Flight Lieutenant David Clark (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Flying Officer John Carruthers (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

City of Glasgow

Major Richard Coppard (Reservist)

Major Graham McIntosh (Reservist)

Major Scott Menzies (Reservist)

Flight Lieutenant James Martin (Reservist)

Warrant Officer 1 Mark Davies (Reservist)

Staff Sergeant Kenneth David Miller (Reservist)

Sergeant David Philipson (Reservist)

Sergeant James Muir Gould (Reservist)

Sergeant Brian Hughes (Reservist)

Sergeant Euan Smith (Reservist)

Corporal Michael Yeomans (Reservist)

Lance Corporal David McAulay (Reservist)

Air Specialist Class 1 Emma Brown (Reservist)

Air Specialist Class 1 Mike Parker (Reservist)

Ms Kirstie Real

Mrs Grace Hood

Captain Raymond Bell (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Captain John Terry (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Flight Lieutenant Sarah Louise McEwen (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Sergeant Major Instructor John Creighton (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)


Lieutenant Linda Green (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Staff Sergeant Instructor Nicola Quinn (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Sergeant Instructor Michael McKeown (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)


Civilian Instructor John Davies (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)


Captain David Hanley (Reservist)

Captain Steven Temple (Reservist)

Warrant Officer 2 Gordon Mullen (Reservist)

Staff Sergeant Robert Sutherley (Reservist)

Mr Mark Hill

Flight Lieutenant Vanda Nicholls (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Non Uniformed Volunteer David Rooney (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

West Lothian

Staff Sergeant Steven James Brown (Reservist)

Sergeant Johanne Mundie (Reservist)

Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadets

Ayrshire & Arran

Cadet Sergeant Major Bunton

Cadet Lance Corporal McKinnon


Cadet Corporal Simpson


Cadet Sergeant Walters

Cadet Lance Corporal Brydon-Brown

East Lothian

Cadet Flight Sergeant Hawthorne

Able Cadet Arcari

Cadet Lance Corporal Bolton-Brown

City of Edinburgh

Cadet Warrant Officer Scott

Cadet Corporal Mertens

City of Glasgow

Cadet Flight Sergeant Morgan Sander


Cadet Sergeant Brown


Cadet Sergeant Marshall 

Leading Cadet Dallas


Cadet Sergeant Szymanski 


Cadet Sergeant Major Howie

Cadet Warrant Officer Patterson

Roxburgh, Ettrick & Lauderdale

Cadet Corporal Atapattu Mudali


Cadet Flight Sergeant Amos

West Lothian

Cadet Warrant Officer Hamilton Brodie

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