Lord-Lieutenants’ Certificates of Meritorious Service 2022

Lowland Lord-Lieutenant Graphic

The annual Lord-Lieutenants’ Certificates of Meritorious Service for Reservists, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs), Cadets and employees of the Reserve Forces and Cadet Organisations are recognised as laudatory honours throughout the Ministry of Defence. 

Lord-Lieutenants’ Certificates are an important means of recognising valuable service. As well as public recognition, the certificates are much appreciated and valued by the individual.

Lord-Lieutenants present recipients with their Certificates at various award ceremonies throughout the Lowlands. 

Lowland RFCA is delighted to reveal this year’s winners.

Ayrshire and Arran

Warrant Officer 2 Carol-Anne Jackson (Reservist)

Lance Corporal Charlene Westcott (Reservist)

Captain Graham Reith (Reservist)

Sergeant Margaret Boyd (Reservist)

Warrant Officer 2 Robert Ogilvie (Reservist)

Sergeant Major Instructor Alan Finnigan (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Staff Sergeant Euan Sockell (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)


Stuart Gray (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)


Captain Gregor Deeming (Reservist)

Major Kevin O’Neill (Reservist)

Major Heather Beattie (Reservist)


Corporal Ian Grant (Reservist)

Lance Corporal Anthony Byars (Reservist)

Colour Sergeant Robert Semple (Reservist)

Staff Sergeant Alexander Petrie (Reservist)

Warrant Officer Robert Nisbet (Reservist)


Flying Officer Steven Parry (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)


Lance Corporal Fraser Steele (Reservist)

A/Sergeant Christopher Wright (Reservist)

Corporal Gordon Parkinson (Reservist)

Corporal David MacDonald (Reservist)

Staff Sergeant Instructor Kirsty Coleman (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Staff Sergeant Instructor Deborah Graham-Young (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

Squadron Leader Elaine Wardle (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

West Lothian

Flight Lieutenant Christopher Cameron (Cadet Force Adult Volunteer)

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