New Home For Reservists in Livingston

Alistair stands in front of the building site.

Excellent progress is being made on a Lowland RFCA building project in Livingston. 

After a lengthy design process, 278 Lowland Battery Royal Artillery can now see their new home steadily taking shape, with construction starting in September 2023. 

For many years 278 have shared a building in Livingston with 243 Provost Company Royal Military Police. This new Army Reserve Centre will give the unit their own offices, training areas and storage facilities. 

Alistair Forsyth, Lowland’s Head of Estates, commented: ‘We’re now wind and water tight and work on the internals is beginning. We’re expecting to be complete by summer 2024.’

View of the ARC from above.

The project is taking great shape and will be a smart, inspiring and enticing new home for the Royal Artillery Reservists.

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