On The Lothian Buses With Royal Marines Reserve Scotland

Royal Marines look at new bus

It’s always exciting when a collaboration comes together. Over the last few months, Lowland RFCA has been working with Lothian Buses (one of the region’s largest employers) and Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) Scotland on a very special advertising project. 
RMR Scotland approached Lowland RFCA last year as they considered a new recruitment drive. With many ideas and strategies discussed, one possibility stood out above the others: the prospect of bus advertising. Lothian Buses, a Silver Employer Recognition Scheme holder, immediately sprung to mind. 

Royal Marine at Lothian Buses

Over the years Lothian Buses has advocated strongly for Reservists and the wider Armed Forces, already collaborating on two special Armed Forces buses. So when Lowland RFCA reached out to Lothian Buses to discuss the possibility of them supporting a RMR Scotland bus, they were only too keen to help.
After months of planning, the brand new bus was launched on Reserves Day (21 June 2023) at Lothian Buses’ Central Depot in the heart of Edinburgh. 
To celebrate the launch of the bus and partnership, Sarah Boyd (Managing Director of Lothian Buses) invited members of RMR Scotland and Lowland RFCA to see the impressive double-decker before it hits the streets later this month. 
Lothian Buses and Royal Marines stand outside of the bus
Those in attendance were thoroughly impressed by the bus’ impactful design. The striking advert has been created to intrigue, to inspire, and to motivate a response to the ‘Recruiting Now’ call-to-action. 
When asked why Lothian Buses had decided to partner with the Royal Marines Reserve, Sarah Boyd said: ‘Lothian is proud to have many employees who serve in the Reserves or are ex-Forces personnel. Our partnership with Lowland RFCA shows our continued commitment to supporting Scotland’s Reserve Forces.
‘In 2018 we introduced a Reservist policy across Lothian which enables our people who still want to serve as part of the Reserves and encourages the recruitment of individuals with key transferrable skills gained from the Armed Forces.’
Brigadier Andy Muddiman ADC RM, the Regional Naval Commander for Scotland, the North of England and Northern Ireland, also attended the launch event. In response to seeing the bus, the Brigadier commented: ‘Lothian Buses have kindly and graciously agreed to have an advertisement run for Royal Marines Reserve Scotland on one of their buses, which will be on all the different routes in Edinburgh; giving the message that we are recruiting now and we want people to come and give Commando training a try.
‘A company like Lothian, which employs a lot of ex-Service people, and has got a very strong operational delivery record, is the type of company that we are very keen to partner with. It’s a terrific company and it’s closely linked into the city of Edinburgh, making it an ideal partner.
‘The advert is new, it’s fresh… the eyes of the Commando look steely and it’s a terrific piece of branding and advertising for the Royal Marines in general.’ 
Lowland team and Royal Marines stand in front of the bus
Lowland RFCA has been exceptionally proud to bring these two fantastic organisations together, especially given their shared commitment to prospering and growing excellent people within their ranks. Lothian Buses has truly exemplified what it means to be a supportive Defence employer, and launching the bus on Reserves Day is just the icing on the cake. 

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