Rebadging Ceremony for West Lowland’s Girvan Detachment

Major Andy Scott, Inspecting officer of 215 Multirole Medical Regiment, shakes hands with a female Cadet and presents the new detachment badge

Tuesday 26 March marked a very special occasion for West Lowland Battalion ACF’s Girvan Detachment as the Cadets assembled for their rebadging ceremony.

The transition from Scottish and Northern Irish Yeomanry (SNIY) to Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) was attended by the Battalion’s senior officers, Commandant Colonel Alan Middleton MBE and Deputy Commandant Graham Dempsey OBE. Also in attendance at the ceremony were the Detachment’s patron, Vice Lord-Lieutenant John Dalrymple Hamilton OBE, members of the Battalion and a number of other specially invited guests.

The Inspecting Officer from 215 (Scottish) Multirole Medical Regiment, Girvan Detachment’s new parent unit, was Major Andy Scott, OC Support Squadron, who commented on the very high standard of turnout from the Cadets.

Commandant Alan Middleton joins Major Andy Scott of 215 Regiment for the inspection of the Cadets

With Girvan Detachment making history as the first to be badged RAMC in West Lowland Battalion ACF, this transition will give not only the Girvan Cadets but the whole Battalion a chance to explore the possibility of a medical career, be it military or civilian, in later life.

While the rebadging was a momentous occasion for all involved, the move from SNIY after so many years undoubtedly came with some sadness, and the unit’s PSS and CFAVs offered their warmest thanks to SNIY for their support.

‘Driving forward into pastures new, there is much positivity attached to this new partnership with West Lowland Battalion ACF and 215 MMR,’ remarked Colonel Middleton of the rebadging. ‘It is a welcome move and both units look forward to going from strength to strength in the future.’

Left: a cadet beret with the old SNIY badge. Right: a beret with the new Royal Army Medical Corps badge

‘The Girvan Detachment of the West Lowland Battalion ACF was affiliated to the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) in direct response to the desire of Cadets across the Battalion to follow a career pathway in medical roles such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, combat medics and other such roles,’ explained Staff Sergeant Instructor Frank Kennedy, Detachment Commander. 

‘This affiliation and career pathway will be brought to life and fostered through a close and active link with 215 Scottish Multirole Regiment RAMC, and complemented by cooperation with the Royal College of Nursing’s Prince of Wales Nursing Cadet Scheme.

‘The Cadets and CFAVs of West Lowland are really looking forward to working closely with the RAMC!’ 

Group photo of the Girvan Cadets and the special guests for the rebadging ceremony under a Union Flag

Many of the Cadets also expressed their excitement at the new opportunities the rebadging will grant them. Cadet Ariana Johnstone said: ‘The rebadging to RAMC will give Cadets and adults a chance to look at and experience possible medical careers and I am looking to working in partnership with 215 MMR to achieve these goals.’ 

‘I want to follow in my Papa’s footsteps and join the RAMC as a combat medical technician,’ added Cadet Corporal Frankie Rennie.

Many thanks to Colonel Alan Middleton, Battalion Commandant and SSI Caitlin Fitzsimmons for sharing this story with Lowland RFCA.

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