Reservists on Cyprus Sailing Adventure

Two Reservists sailing a boat

In what is shaping up to be a busy summer, Reservists from 105 Regiment Royal Artillery have recently returned from a sailing exercise in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Sailing around the island of Cyprus, the group welcomed the opportunity to acquire new skills and strengthen their team-working abilities. The chance to spend a week in the sun and sea will no doubt have been a considerable bonus as well.

One of the Reservists who took part in the trip, a member of 207 (City of Glasgow) Battery, shared their thoughts on the experience with Lowland RFCA.

Crew stand on sailing boat in the sun

What was the purpose of the trip?

‘This trip was organised to deliver high-quality and enjoyable adventurous training. The main goal was to foster teamwork, leadership skills and morale, it also provided the regiment with retention-positive activity. Learning how to sail was a major benefit too!’

What skills were developed and learnt?

‘During the trip, we gained skills and knowledge in the basics of sailing. This included jibing, tacking, dropping anchor, navigating, man overboard drills and how to tie the necessary knots. I feel that these sorts of experiences also develop social and communication skills, not to mention general team working ethics.’

What was the biggest challenge?

‘Apart from the skipper and the mate, there was little to no sailing experience among the crew, so there were a few challenges to overcome. Thankfully, the Mediterranean is not a particularly difficult sea to navigate, and the weather was perfect. The knowledge and skills imparted by the competent crew members also made for a relatively stress-free learning process. I think I speak for the rest of us when I say the biggest challenge was finding our sea legs and trying not to fall overboard!’

What was the highlight?

‘This trip was a whole week of highlights, so it’s tough to pinpoint one particular moment that stood out most. A really memorable moment was dropping anchor near Larnaca Bay. While there, we got to simply enjoy the fantastic weather and beautiful blue water with some lunch and freshly bought fruits! That moment was as if it was taken straight from the recruitment adverts, and is why some of us became Reservists in the first place. 

‘Ultimately trips like this contribute to personal development, benefiting the individual and the Regiment, and come as an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.’

Sailing boats and yachts in Cyprus

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