Trump Turnberry Armed Forces Covenant Business Breakfast and Military Golf Competition

Those presented stand with certificates for group shot

On the picturesque Ayrshire coastline lies Trump Turnberry, an iconic hotel that has been central to the community for over one hundred years. 

The resplendent resort has a deep connection with military history, having served as an Airfield and Military Hospital during the First and Second World War. This historic commitment to Defence, however, was reaffirmed on Tuesday 26 March, as the hotel hosted an Armed Forces Covenant Business Breakfast and Military Golf Competition. 

Turnberry, alongside seventeen other businesses, were presented with their Armed Forces Covenant (AFC) certificates. 

Guests listen to speakers on stage

The AFC is a pledge from organisations to treat members of the Armed Forces, and their families, with fairness and respect. The AFC includes Regulars, Reserves and Veterans and seeks to honour them in their communities and workplaces. 

Upon signing the AFC, Turnberry jumped at the opportunity to welcome fellow signatories and other Forces-friendly businesses along to the hotel for a networking event and AFC presentation. 

After the guests were treated to a sumptuous breakfast, Scottish broadcaster David Tanner took to the stage to introduce the morning’s speakers. 

Each speech celebrated the benefit of Defence and employers working hand-in-hand, and the way in which it allows Armed Forces personnel to flourish both in their military and civilian lives. 

Ralph Porciani receive certificate from Lieutenant Colonel Lee Carson

Lieutenant Colonel Lee Curson, Commanding Officer of 6 SCOTS, a Reserve Infantry Battalion within The Royal Regiment of Scotland, took to the stage next to present the Armed Forces Covenants on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. 

Ralph Porciani, General Manager of Trump Turnberry, collected the certificate on behalf of the hotel. Ralph said: 

‘The event has been absolutely wonderful and we’re super excited to have everyone here. We had 150 come from all over the UK today, and it’s been the most amazing networking event.’

When asked what impressed him most about Defence people, Ralph commented: 

‘One of the biggest challenges we have with young people today is that they don’t want to shave or comb their hair. They look glamorous when they go out on the town at night, but they turn up for work really scruffy. With Reservists and Veterans, the uniform, grooming, time-management and communications skills are a given, and we don’t have to instil that into them. So those military employees stand out from the crowd and are role models for many of our young employees.

‘We would 100% encourage others to sign the AFC,’ Ralph concluded. ‘The opportunity to work with Defence people is amazing, and the networking opportunities are second-to-none.’

Guests stand outside for a group shot

Quite a handful of guests, who hadn’t yet signed the AFC, were so impressed by the morning that they swiftly pledged to sign following the event, clearly demonstrating the power of employer advocacy. 

In case the attendees were left in any doubt of Turnberry’s generous support and enthusiasm for the Armed Forces community, the hotel held a tombola as the Business Breakfast came to a close. Three business cards were picked at random, leaving three lucky winners with an exclusive hospitality package from Turnberry. 

As the AFC Business Breakfast came to a close, four military teams left the warmth of Turnberry’s grand ballroom, and headed down to the legendary golf course. 

Golfers outside of Turnberry

Battling it out on the world-class greens were Regulars, Reservists and Veterans from the Royal Navy, Army and RAF. The military has a long tradition of encouraging golf within its ranks, and unsurprisingly, the three Services were as charmingly competitive as ever. 

The RAF won the day by one point, and were delighted to collect their trophies over lunch in the Clubhouse.

The day, held in partnership between Turnberry and Lowland RFCA, was a superb demonstration of employer advocacy. The day brought together employers at different stages of their Defence journey, allowing those further along to inspire and motivate those just starting out. 

Lowland RFCA would like to thank Turnberry for their generosity in hosting the event and look forward to further partnership to ensure Defence people in the Lowlands can flourish. 


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