Preparing for the World of Work with Cadets

Sea Cadet sits in rowing boat with sunglasses on

In amongst ‘Gen Z’ and the ‘snowflakes’ there are thousands of young people learning life skills and gaining nationally recognised qualifications in the Cadets. Over the years, it has become apparent that young people who leave the Cadet Forces have an advantage over their peers. Yes, Cadets get to shoot, sail, climb, fly, camp, compete, navigate, explore, canoe, kayak and much, much more… but they also spend their Cadet career learning how to take instruction, to show up on time, and to work as part of/lead a team; all the while developing their maturity, resilience, confidence, and character. These characteristics, aptitudes, and opportunities to develop are what make the Cadets stand out in a crowd. To highlight this encouraging trend, we’ve got three articles to share with you.

Preparing for University and Cadets with the Army Cadet Force

Shaunie McGarry Stands for a photograph

Cadet Work Experience with Brodie Engineering

Fraser Jorgensen Signet Library with mum

Cadet CV Workshop with Joint Force Alba

Emma Davies talks to a CV

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